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Prof Brayima Dakyo

University of Le Havre, France

Prof. Dr Eng. PHD Brayima DAKYO (France) was the founder and former director of Electrical and Automatic research Laboratory (GREAH) 1999. He is full Professor of Electrical Engineering. Research: Professor Dakyo has published and co-authored more than 180 Peer reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings since 1987. He has supervised more than 20 Ph.D. Co-author of three books (power electronic, marine & wind energy, power management). Professor Dakyo current interests include power electronic, converter fed electrical machines, electrically powered systems, wind and solar energy systems, micro grids and Multisource applications, diagnostic. Member of European Power Electronic and Applications Association (EPE). Member of French Electrical Engineering Association (CLUB EEA). Member of IEEE society.