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Dr MANDIN Corinne

CSTB (Scientific and technical building center), France

Dr Corinne Mandin earned her PhD in environmental chemistry from the University of Rennes, France. She has been working on human exposure to chemicals in indoor environments, first at INERIS (French national institute for industrial environment and risks) for 8 years, and now at CSTB (French scientific and technical center for building) that she joined in 2009. She leads the French Indoor Air Quality Observatory, created by the French government in 2001 to carry out nationwide surveys on indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings. Corinne is a member of the “expert committee related to air” at the French Agency for environmental health. She collaborates with the World Health Organization and the European Joint Research Center, and she was involved in several EU research projects (SINPHONIE, OFFICAIR, ALDREN). She is the President-Elect of the International Society for Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ).